Work With Me

How I Can Help

Normally I work with the full stack frontend and backend building web and mobile applications with different frameworks.

Lately, I have being working more with Java and JVM technologies including: Scala and Kotlin, and also Python on the backend with JQuery, React on the frontend building web applications with the Spring Framework, Play framework and Django.

Development Engagement

The focus here is on implementation, I can work as a full stack engineer, or primarily focused on the Frontend or Backend of your application. Some of the things I can help in this role include:

  • Supporting the software and server architecture strategy
  • Architecting and implementing software soultions
  • Planning and developing the core back-end and front-end software solution
  • Code review and mentoring
Software Engineer

Consultancy Engagement

The focus here is architectural guidance, spikes and proof of concepts, adoption of new technologies, planning and estimating features, etc. Some of the services I can offer in this role include:

  • Architectural Review of the codebase
  • Code Review of specific features
  • Guidance on the technical stack
  • Guidance on implementation